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1983 - 1988

The company was founded by Jan and Tineke van Boxtel at the Kroatenstraat in Volkel. Shortly after, brother Mario joins the team. The activities are mainly focused on electrotechnical installations, which was later expanded with the production of ventilation ducts for the agricultural sector. For this reason, brother Rini joins the company and the K.I.B. (plastic industry Brabant) was founded. In addition to the agricultural sector, the activities were expanded with activities concerning industrial automation. 


1988 - 2003

After five years, Van Boxtel Elektro moves to a company building on the opposite side of the Kroatenstraat. The building burned down shortly after the opening, after which it had to be rebuilt again. The K.I.B was changed to Van Boxtel Kunststof and moved to the Jochem de Wildstraat in Volkel. In 1990, colleague VEBA was taken over and also the Trucoz climate system developed by Siemens was taken over. In 1993, the tradingcompanies Van Boxtel Trading and Van Boxtel Groothandel were founded.

2003 – 2015

In 2003, the long-awaited relocation to the Koperslagerstraat 2 in Uden was implemented. This company building turned out to be too small several times and is therefore expanded. In 2008 the company existed 25 years and this was celebrated with a festive weekend. 

2015 – present

In 2015 the 'ondernemerspluim' was won, a special acknowledgement for all the hard work. Efforts are made for a more intensive cooperation between Van Boxtel Elektro and Van Boxtel Kunststof. By working together more efficiently, innovative and distinctive products can be made. The name VBV elektro en kunststof was born. Further, the magical boundary of 100 employees is passed. 


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