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Environmental solutions for industry

VBV specialises in designing and realising environmental solutions for the industrial sector. More and more companies are choosing to take measures to reduce their impact on the environment. In addition, by order of the government and/or certain regulations, they may choose to invest in a system to reduce emissions. With our solutions, we help companies reduce unwanted emissions and pollutants that burden the environment. For instance, we can help companies reduce odour, purify (chemical) substances and gases and capture dust. We do this using air treatment systems such as air scrubbers, gas scrubbers and dust scrubbers.

Advantages air treatment system:

  • Sustainable operation: reducing emissions.
  • Reducing nuisance for the environment.
  • Corporate social responsibility: showing (pro)activity.
  • A more pleasant working environment for your employees.

Possibilities VBV

Our air, gas and dust scrubbers are tailored to each situation. As every process is unique and requires its own way of air cleaning, an environmentally polluting process needs to be analysed in detail by our environmental specialists. Then our engineers, together with our specialists, start working on a suitable design. Once this design has been approved and any tests have been carried out, construction of the installation is started. The installation is made in our own plastic workshop. Because we have our own industrial automation department, we also take care of the process installation and software. After production of the installation, we install it at the project site. Naturally, we also provide service and maintenance for the installations we install.

Advantages VBV

  • Customisation: every situation is different and requires its own solution, VBV always provides customisation so that the installation works ideally for desired application.
  • Turn-key projects: VBV is involved in the project from A-Z and takes care of the entire project so that the client can focus on their core business.
  • All disciplines: VBV has all disciplines in-house. Sales, design, software, automation, production, assembly and service are all handled by VBV (employees).
  • Service: VBV takes care of the maintenance and service of the systems itself so that the installation always works optimally.


An air cleaning system is designed to remove or reduce pollutants from the air. The polluted air is passed through an air scrubber by means of fans on the intake side. The fans that guide the air through the system can be located on the pressure side (in front of the system) or on the intake side (behind the system). Once inside the system, the air is passed through filter packs. Due to the large surface area of the filter packs, the contact between the contaminated air and the washing medium is optimal. The washing medium is selected according to the dust to be reduced. Because every situation is different, every situation requires a different solution. As a result, different purification steps are often used. Furthermore, things like the type of additives applied, the dosage of the additives and the type and thickness of the packing material are varied.

During the air purification process, various parameters are tracked such as: pH, air flow, temperature, humidity, dust content, water consumption, pressure drop and flow rate. In addition, it is possible to track the concentration of the substances to be removed.


  • Washing: dust removal using water.
  • Biological purification: converting organic components using bacteria.
  • Odour neutralisation: oxidising organic odour components.
  • Absorption: absorbing a gas (or liquid) into another liquid


VBV mainly focuses on the following market segments: biogas plants, manure processing plants, waste processing, compost processing, food industry, slaughterhouses, sludge processing, water treatment and the chemical industry.


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